BeautyFit Boombsey

BeautyFit® is an international organization that manufacturers products that are specifically designed to support the health and beauty needs of both women and men. With an extensive line up of products across 7 key categories, they have you covered.
  • Diet & Energy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Cleansing & Digestion
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Women’s Health
  • Beauty Care
  • Vegetarian

So, why are we telling you about BeautyFit®?

Well, it is because BeautyFit® is a company that produces more than products, they are a way of life. This is a philosophy that Kukuwa® Fitness completely aligns with because our belief system is that health and wellness is more than a product, an exercise or a mentality, it is an entire way of life.

Because of this closely held and strongly practiced belief system, Kukuwa® Fitness has joined together with BeautyFit® in order to offer their product line to our clients and supporters. In addition, because of this union, we are able to offer most of their products to you at a discount over their retail prices.

One of the significant reasons our clients and supporters trust our recommendations is because we do not endorse or recommend anything we have not used or tried ourselves. And BeautyFit® is no different.

Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah – Founder of Kukuwa® Fitness

BeautyFit® is a unique company that has top line products that I take as my daily supplements. I have used and tested their products which have delivered great results.


  • Enhance my workouts and boombsey® dance classes
  • Deep detoxification of my body on a regular basis
  • Build my immune system
  • Increase my protein and antioxidant intake
  • Erase stretch marks
  • Reach my daily objective of vitamins and minerals
  • And clarity for my eyes


Cassandra Nuamah – Master Trainer of Kukuwa® Fitness

BeautyFit® products give me everything I need from a product line like theirs. The edibles deliver great nutrition with a wonderful taste. And all of the products I took delivered noticeable results.

  • Vitamins are super tasty, vegan approved, gluten free and full of essential nutrition.
  • My favorites are calcium, Iron, multivitamin and garcinia cambogia.
  • Their energy product delivers an extra boost when I need it during my workouts and dance classes.
  • The energy product also reenergizes me when an afternoon boost is needed.
  • I use the cleansing product to detoxify deeply and naturally without having to constantly be near the bathroom all day.
  • I love the sculpting and slimming products that enhance my natural routines and exercise to cut through unwanted fat around my belly and fight my sugar cravings at night.
  • Finally, their enzymes and greens & reds help me to maintain an optimal immune system.

Ready to build on the teachings of Kukuwa® Fitness and incorporate the BeautyFit® way of life into your own lifestyle? Are you ready for optimal health and enhanced beauty? And are you ready to get it all at a great value, delivered to you because you are a Kukuwa® Fitness Fan, Client or Supporter?

Great! That means you are a “Can Do” person who wants positive transformation and continued natural health and wellness.

There are two ways to get started and both will grant you a 20% discount on all of your orders.

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  2. Or, you can visit BeautyFit® at any time and use the discount code Kukuwa20, which will still give you the same great discount as long as you type in the code.

Kukuwa® Fitness and BeautyFit® – Working Together To Enhance Your Lifestyle.