Kukuwa® African Dance Workout (KDW®), is a unique style of fitness that is derived from African cultural dance movements. The intense combination of African and Caribbean rhythms coupled with the energetic body isolations is a nourishing trend of exercise that today’s fitness clubs and studios are missing. As a KDW® Kukuwa® African Dance Workout, Certified Instructor, you will bring variety back into the club/studios, in a fun and exciting way
The first step in becoming a KDW® Instructor is to REGISTER to take the KDW® Online Instructor Certification Test online.
Note: KDW® now offers AFAA CEUs and ACE CECs for attending workshops.


Here are the Key Benefits of Becoming a KUKUWA® Instructor:

1. Learn, Teach, and Enjoy African Music and Dance every day.
2. Be your own boss and have flexibility in your classes and hours.
3. Work Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere– the world is your office.
4. Travel with and without your passport through Africa with the Kukuwa Crew.
5. Motivate and Inspire others and yourself every day.
6. Get in the best shape of your life, having a blast!


Fees for the Online Certification Test: First Time Test Taker- $300 (one time only)
Once you have registered and made payment you will receive an email with login credentials and a link to the test. You will also receive a link to view and print/save a detailed manual that will help you prepare for the test. When you are ready to take the test simply link to the test from the email and use your credentials to login. Once you are logged in, simply take the test – answering the assigned question within a given time period. If you pass the test – you will receive an email with further instructions and also a packet of information will come to you directly from Kukuwa. This packet will give you all the critical information you need to get started as a KDW® Instructor.If you do not pass the test you will be emailed instructions on taking the test again for $25.

As a certified KDW® Instructor, you have 2 choices, you can teach at your local gym or studio as one of their paid instructors or if you prefer renting space to teach your classes, and charge your students per head, for each class they take with you.
One of the incentives of becoming a KDW® Instructor is as follows: After you teach your classes for about 3- 6 months, you can choose to take the Instructor Core Training to learn the fundamentals of the KUKUWA® business, so you can train other KDW® Instructors into the company. By doing so, you help recruit more instructors and each instructor, you bring with, you get 10% on each one. They in turn can also take the Instructor Core Training and bring in more instructors under you, thus you both get 10% of new recruits. The other incentive of a KDW® Instructor is getting to take your students on a cruise and/or land spa resort and teaching your classes in a vacation atmosphere. Your students get to take their vacation with you teaching them KUKUWA® Dance as well as nutrition, giving them the celebrity feel and treatment away from home. You, the instructor, gets paid for teaching your classes as well as an all inclusive room and meals on each trip you book through KUKUWA® Institute.