Gye Nyame

Welcome: Introduction

Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, a non-profit organization, was formed in the year 2000 by Kukuwa, Artistic Director, Owner and Dance Choreographer. Originally from Ghana West Africa, Kukuwa has more than 20 years of dance experience. She incorporates her extensive dance background into her dance choreography to diversify her work and knowledge of African dancing from various African ethnic groups. Kukuwa teaches children, teens, and adults (both men and women) the techniques of African Cultural Dancing.

Kukuwa’s dance troupe is made up of drummers and dancers. They have performed all over the tri-state area and beyond, as mentioned below. Kukuwa remains dedicated to working intensely toward her goal of teaching student dancers both here in the USA and abroad to reach their hearts desire of becoming cultural dance performers. The vibrant energy and excitement one gets at a Gye Nyame dance performance is contagious and breathtaking!

About Kukuwa

Kukuwa is an internationally acclaimed African Dance Performer, Dance Choregrapher Fitness Dance Instructor and originator of Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, and Kukuwa® LLC. Born and raised in Ghana West Africa, Kukuwa is the second of 7 children and has been dancing since the age of 3. Coming from Africa, where dancing is part of their culture, Kukuwa has used her God given talents to bring her this far into forming three companies which she runs with the help of a few employees. She has over 20 years of cultural dance background which she incorporates into her work. She studied linguistics in Paris , France which helps her to communicate throughout all her international affairs.

Kukuwa is an adjunct professor at George Mason University where she teaches African Dance. She also teaches children, teens, and adults (both men and women) the techniques of African Cultural Dancing in various locations. Her dance classes are both an education and an experience one gains every time they attend. Kukuwa is very diversified in her knowledge of African dance which covers a vast array of African ethnic groups. Her dance troupe which is made up of drummers and dancers, performes all over the USA at schools, corporations, cultural shows, multicultural festivals and more.

Kukuwa teaches African dance classes weekly in the local area schools and Universities. She also teaches muscle sculpt classes, as well as dance fitness classes, where she blends Latin merengue, African soukous, and Caribbean soca rhythms into a low impact/high energy cardiovascular, fun-filled energetic class that challenges and improves individuals’ fitness abilities.