Kukuwa NuamahKukuwa is a Certified Health Fitness Presenter, Professor of African Dance, and an authorized CEC provider for AFAA & ACE. Kukuwa has been endorsed by Oprah in ‘O’ Magazine, Essence and People Magazine. Kukuwa is an internationally acclaimed African Dance Performer, Dance Choreographer, Fitness Dance Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Adjunct Professor, and the Originator of Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, and Kukuwa® Fitness, LLC. Kukuwa is the Founder and Creator of the Kukuwa® African Dance Workout.

Born and raised in Ghana West Africa, she has been dancing since the age of 3, and presents her dance workouts via conventions, workshops and corporate seminars globally, and teaches on cruises as well as vacation resorts.

Kukuwa’s educational and therapeutic African dance classes are one of a kind. She is very diversified in her knowledge of African dance, which covers the continent of Africa. Her DVD video workouts for both Adults and Youth, can be found for purchase on her website www.KukuwaFitness.com. Her KDW® Instructor Certification Training Program which is also virtual is nationwide. Her dream is to educate both the dance and fitness world of what the true meaning of dance is and its health benefits.


About Kukuwa Fitness®: The Kukuwa Fitness® workout is a unique style of fitness that is derived from African cultural dance movements. The workout features isolated and integrated movements of the head, shoulders, waist, pelvic, quads, legs, feet, toes, hands, wrists and is designed to force the use of energy and breathing to synchronize with the rhythm of the music. Kukuwa’s music collection is sourced from all over the continent of Africa, and is carefully curated for the unique dance choreography. We guarantee Kukuwa Fitness will get you to “Move your BOOMBSEY®”! and what’s more? you will love every minute of it! Burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, and have more fun than you can possibly imagine! It’s contagious. You will invite your friends to join you. Kukuwa is more than a workout, it is a movement, and it’s changing the face of fitness – one boombsey at a time.

Kukuwa® Fitness truly incorporates elements of the triumvirate: mind, body and soul.


We partner with sports clubs, fitness brands, corporations, educational institutions, government entities, clothing manufacturers – the opportunities are endless. We welcome all inquiries because we believe in creative and unique ways of forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

About Professor Kukuwa was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, and has been dubbed the Queen of African Dance. Her life experiences and educational background fully enable her to channel some of the most hidden secrets of a healthful lifestyle – movement through dance, coupled with nutrition practices, emanating from the birthplace of mankind… Africa.

Kukuwa is an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, School of Dance and maintains an affiliation with the University of Miami, and Florida International University. Outside her University commitments it is no surprise that dance in all its wonderful incarnations has been an integral component of her life since the age of three. Today, her classes focus on African dance, history, and culture; they continually garner the highest enrollment numbers in George Mason University’s history. Outside the University, Kukuwa enjoys meeting with private clients for holistic nutrition and health guidance, providing personal fitness coaching, promoting Kukuwa Dance Workout conventions, workshops, corporate seminars, and destination cruise and resort vacations across the globe.

Endorsed by Oprah(‘O’ Magazine), Essence, and People Magazine; Kukuwa is a Certified Health Fitness Presenter and Examiner, and an authorized CEC provider for the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) & American Council on Exercise (ACE). A world renowned choreographer and performer, Kukuwa has earned international acclaim as the originator of the Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, and creator of the Kukuwa® African Dance Workout.